Abracatatrophe Characters: Timmy Turner, Cosmo, Wanda, Mr.Crocker, Bippy, Mom, Dad. Story On Timmy's fairy-versary,Cosmo and Wanda gather every magical creature that Timmy ever met. For a gift,Jorgen gives Timmy a magic muffin that grants wishes.However,Crocker tries to find that magic muffin,but Bippy the chimp gets it first.Bippy turns the world into a jungle,and Timmy tries to stop it,but the monkey overlords capture him.He is imprisoned,but Bippy saves him and turns the world back to normal.However,Crocker finds the muffin,takes a bite,and becomes king of the world!Timmy tries to stop him while going into space,Egypt,nano-space,and a wasteland.They go to Timmy's house.Timmy then revealed that he had fairy godparents,and they are taken away. Timmy then takes a bite of the muffin,and Cosmo and Wanda become Timmy's godparents.In the end, everything goes back to normal. Quotes:Tell me your secret! Cosmo. Happy fairy-versary! Easter bunny,April fool,etc. Chimpsdale!When this wish is over,I'm wishing for a world without puns. Timmy. The truth will set you free! Timmy.