The Pilot Episodes, also known as Season 0, were the Oh Yeah Cartoon shorts in which The Fairly OddParents first appeared. They originally aired from 1998-2001. When the show was picked up as a series proper, 9 of the original 10 shorts, were "repackaged" as episodes to be shown as part of the first season. These repackaged Oh Yeah Cartoons were shown as part of the regularly scheduled episodes. They would continue to be aired until about 2002. Here's the shorts in their original production order:

  1. The Fairly OddParents
  2. Too Many Timmys
  3. Where's the Wand?
  4. Party of Three
  5. The Fairy Flu
  6. The Temp
  7. The Zappys
  8. Scout's Honor
  9. The Really Bad Day
  10. Super Humor