Sam is a male human character. He appears in Theme Song from The Fairly OddParents on Season 9-10.

The Fairly OddParents Edit

Sam is left, it was laughing at sit from Timmy rides in the School Bus.

Appearance Edit

Physical appearance Edit

The Fairly OddParents: Sam has pale blue skin. He has curly bright blue hair, black rectangular eyebrows. He has white eyes, a pointy nose, and twin 2 freckles. He wears a blue shirt and darker blue pants.

The Fairly OddPrimates: Sam has brown fur. He has light tan face, ears, belly and feets. He has white eyes, nostrils and teeth with braces. He wears a orange t-shirt on the top, and a belly button on his belly. He also wears a orange pants.

The Fairly OddMondinas: Sam is puppet plush. He has blue-and-white fur on it. He wears a black glasses. He has a golden/yellow beak. He also has blue cut-head. He also has a body color - blue, white face and arms.